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I played football during my high school and college years and after graduating, I served as the head coach of both college and semi-pro teams. At that time, football enjoyed little popularity in Japan especially when compared to baseball. However in the US, it managed to overtake baseballs popularity. The relationship between US and Japan at that time was very close; it was said “When America sneezes, Japan will catch a cold”. Despite this, football never gained huge popularity in Japan.

Wanting to introduce and spread football in Japan and also being interested in its history of development, I traveled to the US around 1970. I had the opportunity and great honor of visiting both major college and NFL teams. At that time I visited the University of Oklahoma, the University of Iowa, the University of California Berkeley, USC, UCLA, Harvard University, Yale University, and Princeton University in Ivy League, and Syracuse University, NCAA Headquarters in Kansas. I also joined the NFL Spring and Summer Camps for such teams as the Rams, 49ers, Chargers, Cardinals, Bengals, Dolphins, and Cowboys. I also had the opportunity to meet Tommy Prothro, Don Coryell, Bill Walsh, Sam Wyche, Tom Landry, Hayden Fry, Lou Holtz the head coach of the University of Notre Dame, the Stoops brothers, and Pete Rozelle the NFL commissioner at that time. These great people treated me with amazing kindness and I was able to learn a lot from them. I especially want to thank Mr. Rozelle for all the documents he personally sent me to study.

In those days in 1970, real Japanese restaurants were only available in New York or Los Angeles. But during the time I spent in the US, I often visited “Japanese-ish” restaurants. About half a century has passed since then, and now there are hundreds of Japanese restaurants doing business here in Dallas. Of course, each of these restaurants serves actual Japanese food and is filled with customers.

Japanese food must not only be delicious, it must also be lovely on the eye and look delicious. We have chosen to open “Wa Kubota” in this highly competitive market of Dallas, because of our confidence that we can provide this. Lastly, but also most importantly, our goal is provide our customers with service from the heart to create a wonderful dining experience. Thank you very much and we look forward to having you as our guests.

Kaoru Kubota